Thursday, October 12, 2006

Search Cubase Projects & Find installed Plugins

Before using the various query functions in Cupul, you must first search all your Cubase Projects for used Plugins and find installed Plugins on your PC. All results are written to two result files that can either be queried in Cupul or viewed in a program of your choice.

Click Search SX Projects from the menu

You'll then be asked to select a Projects folder and whether you want to search sub folders. Cupul then searches all Projects for instances of VST and DirectX Plugins.

You only need to click this again if you’ve removed, added or changed Projects since the last run.

It will take some time for the process to run, depending on how many projects you have. If you’re in the habit of continually renaming projects each time you make a change (e.g. Song1.cpr, Song1b, Song1c, ……. Song1z.cpr) then it’s a good idea to move all the old ones into a backup folder that won’t be searched.

Next, click Find installed Plugins on the menu.

Cupul will now search for all installed VST and DirectX Plugins. You only need to click this again after installing or removing Plugins.

Next, Search for Projects by Plugin

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