Thursday, October 12, 2006

Search for Projects by Plugin

Use the Right hand Search Bar to search for Projects that contain a Plugin

So, for instance, if you want to find all Projects that use the Plugin “realguitar”, type “realguitar” in the search bar, select “Contains” as the search type, check “Ignore Case” and click the search icon. All Projects that contain the Plugin will now be listed. In this case, you may want to refine your search by selecting search type “Exact Match”, or typing “RealGuitar2” in the search bar.

Other information displayed is the Project last modified date, the type of Plugin (VST or DirectX) and the status of the Plugin (On or Off).

If a Plugin is used in a Project but is not installed, it will appear ghosted in the list. This can happen if you’ve deleted/uninstalled a Plugin by mistake or you’ve performed an incomplete migration.

Click on a column to sort the results by that column. Double click on a row to open that Project up in Cubase.

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