Thursday, October 12, 2006


Click Options from the menu

Click the Plugin Folders Tab

Select the folders where your Cubase VST Plugins are stored. At the time of writing, you should have two folders. A Cubase folder and a shared folder (See above).

Click the Csv App Tab

Select an external application with which you want to view the comma separated value (csv) result files. If you don’t own such a program, don’t worry, all the functionality you probably need is within Cupul.

Click the General Tab

Check if you want to ignore DirectX Plugins or Plugins that are turned off. If you check these, they are still included in the result files (viewable using the external application) but ignored within Cupul. The options are merely to save screen space.

Click the Log Tab

As mentioned here, you only need to search Projects for Plugins if you have deleted, added or amended Projects since the last run. Similarly, a search for installed Plugins is only needed if you have installed or uninstalled Plugins since the last run. This Log page provides you with the last run date of each task.

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