Thursday, October 12, 2006

Future development

Some things I’ve flagged for the future, if I have time, are:-

  • Distinguish between Effects and Instruments.
  • Check if a Plugin is used in Cubase but not actually used. That is, it appears in an instrument rack or an FX channel but is never routed through.
  • Improve the speed of the project searches and the installed plugins search. I have no access to the file structure of a Cubase SX project so I had to work out what was going on using a Hex editor. Have you ever tried doing that!? If you know where I can get my hands on the SX file structure, please contact me
  • Improve the identification of VST Plugins. If you load up a project in Cubase SX and have a look at the Plugin information item on the devices menu, you’ll see that there are a few plugins that are shaded brown and marked “unloadable”. I’ve know idea how to identify if a VST Plugin is unloadable so I’ve had to do the dreaded hard-code for the plugins that I’m aware of. If someone does know how to identify them, please contact me, but bear in mind, Cupul was written in VB6, not .Net or C++
  • Improve the identification of Direct X Plugins. I spent hours on the internet trying to find out how to tell if a DirectX, Active movie, or Direct show plugin can actually be used by an audio app. I could find nothing on the net and managed, in the end, to work it out for myself, using the registry. I was surprised to find that only two rogue plugins slipped through which I, again, hard-coded out ;-) I’m sure, though, that many of you may come across more. Again, if you know how to identify these plugins in VB6, please contact me.

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